Quantum LinX

Quantum LinX is a simple HTML file that can be stored on your desktop. This file makes it easy to navigate between all your Quantum LX/HD panels from one location. To generate a customized Quantum LinX, fill in the form below, listing the Name, IP address and Quantum Type for each unit. When the form is complete, press submit to generate your Quantum LinX file.

Warning: Quantum LinX grants unrestricted access to Levels 1 and 2 on Quantum LX controllers. It should only be used on computers that are appropriately secured and only accessible to individuals who should have access to these User Levels.

Unit Name 1: IP Address 1: Quantum type:
Unit Name 2: IP Address 2: Quantum type:
Unit Name 3: IP Address 3: Quantum type:
Unit Name 4: IP Address 4: Quantum type:
Unit Name 5: IP Address 5: Quantum type:
Unit Name 6: IP Address 6: Quantum type:
Unit Name 7: IP Address 7: Quantum type:
Unit Name 8: IP Address 8: Quantum type:
Unit Name 9: IP Address 9: Quantum type:
Unit Name 10: IP Address 10: Quantum type:

Right-click and Save:   Desktop Navigator File

Your Quantum LinX file has been generated. This file will be availabe for 5 Minutes. Please Right-click on the link above and select "Save As." Store this file on your desktop and use it to access the Quantum panels on your system. To use this file, double click on it, and you internet browser will open displaying a set of links for your panels in the left-hand column. These links allow you to navigate to any panel accessible from your desktop.