Quantum LX


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Compressor - Standard Retrofit Drawing Number
Control Panel Assembly 649d5151 01
Control Panel Assembly 649d5151 02
Wiring Diagram - RXF 649d5153 01
Wiring Diagram - RXF 649d5153 02
Wiring Diagram - RWF 649d5154 01
Wiring Diagram - RWF 649d5154 02
Wiring Diagram - RWBII 649d5155 01
Wiring Diagram - RWBII 649d5155 02
Wiring Diagram - RDB 649d5278 01
Wiring Diagram - RDB 649d5278 02
Wiring Diagram - 2nd Digital Board 649d5210
Wiring Diagram - 2nd Analog Board 649d5211
Connection Diagram - Vyper, Early Ver. Up to 565 Amp 649d5320
Connection Diagram - VFD, Air Cooled ABB 649d5475
Connection Diagram - Vyper, 566 thru 1180 Amp 649d5547
Connection Diagram - Vyper, Current Ver. Up to 565 Amp 649d5656
Connection Diagram - RAM Enhancer Starter 649d5659
Connection Diagram - Baldor VFD Starter 649d5677
Wiring Diagram - Quantum LX Recip 649d5727 01
Wiring Diagram - Quantum LX Recip 649d5727 02
Condenser/Vessel Drawing Number
Condenser 643d0018
Operator Interface 643d0014
Overview 643d0022
Vessel 643d0019
Evaporator Drawing Number
Evaporator 643d0015
Operator Interface 643d0014
Overview 643d0022
Ethernet Switch Box Drawing Number
Ethernet Switch Box 643a0001