Quantum LX

The Quantum LX Emulator

Frick Controls has provided a unique way to experience the power of the Quantum LX interface. This system represents the latest advances in controls. An online emulator has been provided to allowing you to test drive this new system through a web browser on your desktop. A copy of the emulator can also be downloaded providing you an opportunity to explore the Quantum LX control system at your convenience.

In addition to the reliable Quantum LX control system for compressors, Frick now offers the Quantum LX control system for AcuAirĀ® hygienic air-handling units. This powerful user interface provides flexiblity combined with precise environmental control. The AcuAirĀ® demo program can be downloaded to any Windows operating, providing an opportunity to gain first hand experience of this unique control system.

Quantum LX Online Emulator (Compressor)